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Chile is a country of secrets and adventures of unrivaled variety. We have deserts in the north, many miles of beaches, steep slopes in the Andes, crystal clear lakes and ageless ice in the south.
Chile not only offers amazing natural beauty but also historic cities such as Valparaíso and villages with art and culture like Isla Negra.
So you can get to know some of these fantastic places we organize trips that cover everything from the coast to the Andean glaciars. We specialize in the wide and exciting variety of possibilities near Santiago. We also make trips to La Serena and the 4th Region.
We invite you to take part in our Calendar of Activities.

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Desierto Florido

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Thursday, September 20, 2018:
Desierto Florido.

El Desierto Florido is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert, mainly in the III Region of Atacama, Chile.

Is the emergence of a wide variety of flowers between the months of September and November, in years when rainfall is unusual about the normal range for the desert.

The rains make many seeds germinate in the early spring, accompanied by the proliferation of insects, birds and small lizard species. The event is primarily spread between Vallenar and Copiapo, both in coastal areas, inland and mountain range.

Due to the presence of large numbers of tourists, illegal trade of these species in the desert racing, environmental groups have denounced the progressive destruction of the Flowering Desert, because these activities limit the regeneration of existing species.

Against this it has established a series of prohibitions and controls, information campaigns to the population and especially the tourists, the damage and create awareness for a unique heritage in Chile.

Excursion 7, 8 and October 9 full quota Next excursion possible 30, and October 1

Program Day 1 Friday, October 7

18:00 hours departure from Santiago Serena Hostel in
02:00 hours (shared rooms)

Day 2 Saturday, October 8
07:00 am Breakfast
07:30 am Desierto Florido, Hob Plains, Llano de la Paciencia, Canto de Agua, near Copiapo
14:00 pm Lunch snack
15:00 Llanos de Challe National Park, Carrizal Bajo
18:00 Hours Camping on the coast in Llanos de Challe National Park
21:00 pm Dinner
22:00 pm fire on the beach

Day 3 Sunday 9
08:00 am breakfast
09:00 am Camp rises
10:00 am Florida Coastal Desert
12:00 Huasco
14:00 to Santiago Santiago approximately 23:00 Hours -> More information