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The history of Jorge Excursiones

My name is Jorge Soto Álvarez, I'm a 64 years old Chilean. I have two children, Alexis (musician, speaks English and French) and Natalia (student of meteorology in Valparaíso).

When I was ten years old my admiration of the mountains began and until this day my life is closely connected with them. I admire my countries unique varied and crazy geography. Its Mountains, The Altiplano, the Pacific Ocean, its islands, Patagonia, and of course its rich folklore.
From this experience, I've developed a safe and enriching tour schedule of activities for your enjoyment.

My job as a tour guide started 37 years ago at Textil Calderón Confecciones with a mountain club of the Universidad Católica. For 26 years I worked exclusively with foreigners for, a language school, and, other language schools, as well as differnt hostels in Santiago and host families for foreigners.

Many Chileans still don't know about the tourist sites in the north and south of Chile and I want to develop a system where everyone has chance to visit San Pedro de Atacama or Torres del Paine, for example.

The activities are without the formalities of an organized tour, but you'll have the same experience as somebody who practices the sport of mountaineering; good companionship in natural surroundings.

Thanks to Joachim from Germany for developing this website and for his support, which allows me to express my feelings about these activities. It is also a pleasure for me to meet you and share in your experiences.