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Terms and conditions

General conditions

  1. Tours are conducted responsibly, of quality, and offer highly positive results for participants.
  2. All tours have a place of departure and the same place of return, normally Plaza Italia (Metro Baquedano, in front of the theater of the Universidad de Chile).
  3. We recommend to book the tours early to ensure a space is available.

About the booking

  1. There are two ways to book a tour:
    1. Via the website
    2. By phone:
      08 - 743 79 44
      Jorge Soto, Guide.
  2. Bookings can only be accepted by 5 p.m. one day before the tour.
  3. The payment can be made in cash at the day of departure. If the payment is in Dollars or in Euros, Jorge Excursiones needs to be informed one day before.
  4. Persons who want to cancel a tour have to inform Jorge Excursiones at least one day before by 5 p.m.

About the tours

  1. In all tours the participants have to carry food and pay the admission to the nationals parks, as it helps to realize the activity in a better way.
  2. A tour can be canceled because of: Bad climber, vehicular failure, a closed road. In all of these cases the money will be paid back.
  3. For all tours it's important to carry a jacket, sunglasses and sun protection (in winter and in summer).
  4. All tours longer than one day, we provide the whole camping equipment (Tents, Stoves, other equipment). If a person has their own equipment, we recommend that they take it along. Every participant has to carry his/her own sleeping bag and sleeping mattress.
  5. All participate in the camping by installing the equipment and by preparing the meals.
  6. In case of an accident all persons participating in the tour have an assureance during the transport.